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Dealers are offered co-op funds to assist with the promotion of the Kalmar/Kalmar Ottawa brand and products within their dealership. Co-op funds may be approved for qualifying advertisements, events and promotional items that use the approved Kalmar/ Kalmar Ottawa logo. Below are some examples.


Co-op funds used for advertising are in effect to assist dealers with the promotion of Kalmar/ Kalmar Ottawa products. Advertisements submitted for co-op must be within and apply to the dealers assigned territories.

  • Ad Placement
  • Direct Mail or Digital Campaigns
  • Local Trade Shows
  • Open Houses/ Customer Appreciation Events/ Sponsorships
  • Signage/ Banners / Posters

Promotional Merchandise

  • Apparel
  • Hard Goods

How to Qualify & Payment Guidelines

All dealers who are in good standing with Kalmar/Kalmar Ottawa are considered eligible for co-op funding.

Co-op funds must first be preapproved by your Regional Manager. Qualifying proposals will promote the Kalmar/Kalmar Ottawa brand and products, by way of new sales, rentals, leasing programs and/or parts and service. The promotion of used equipment does not qualify for co-op funding.

Co-op funds may be paid at a rate of up to 50% of the total cost* to dealer. To achieve the 50% pay out Kalmar/Kalmar Ottawa must be the only brand represented. Each additional vendor/ company represented (not including the dealership) will lessen the payout. Percentage payout will be at the discretion of Kalmar/ Kalmar Ottawa based on the space that our brand or product occupies.

Approved co-op funds will be issued to a dealer’s account in the form of a Credit Invoice.

*Total cost does not including design or production time, tax or shipping of online purchases or trade show materials.

Shopping on the Online Kalmar USA Store

All products found on the online store are eligible for co-op funding. Take advantage of co-branding! Many products found here allow the dealer to incorporate their logo in one location alongside the Kalmar/ Kalmar Ottawa logo.

Visit and log on using your username and password.

  1. Before checkout, review your shopping cart with your Regional Manager to ensure your order will qualify for co-op funds./li>
  2. Place your order using a credit card and make note of the order number. A confirmation email will then be sent to the email address you provided.
  3. You will be responsible for submitting the receipt from your order along with order number to your Regional Manager.
  4. Co-op funds will be credited back to your dealership in the form of a Credit Invoice.

This co-op program and its terms are at the sole discretion of Kalmar/Kalmar Ottawa, which reserves the right to approve or deny any co-op request submitted.

Please contact your Regional Manager with co-op questions.

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